Ebiquity Transmit

The Media Intelligence Terminal, brought to you by Ebiquity.

The infrastructure assets, content, and rights of use for this service were acquired by Ebiquity (Ebiquity Plc, LSE:EBQ) in October 2023. It will be run following the same operating principles as before. For more information about Ebiquity, please refer to the following pages on the Ebiquity website:

Our Principles

  • No fluff; no noise; no distraction
  • Structured; good meta data; searchable
  • Strictly utilitarian features and design
  • Link to primary sources for further reading
  • We are not reporters (but we love them!)

Our Approach

As world leaders in media investment analysis, we structurally keep track of critical news and financial updates, and whenever we believe something is important and worthwhile, we create a Wire.

A Wire is a simple headline with a Source, Companies and Tags added to it. We categorize Wires under Earnings, M&A and General. This allows you to easily filter and search all Wires on the Homepage.

We strive to provide Executive Summaries (2-5 paragraphs covering the key information) for Wires, to help consume relevant news in a pleasant way. Not all Wires have an Executive Summary straight away, we update this in batches.

Expert Opinions are submitted by selected senior experts from the Ebiquity network, providing concise opinions (op-eds) connected to Wires. We aim to enrich the Wires this way, allowing you to read what leading industry experts think about developments in the Media industry.

The Financials section contains a clear overview of Media stock performance, which updates throughout the day on 15-minute intervals. You can also find an Earnings Calendar to see upcoming earnings events by company in a simple overview.

We curate important Research Reports and host them with added metadata and executive summaries, providing a one-stop portal to keep updated on key research and access the reports directly. We include Ebiquity research along with selected reports from industry bodies and other organisations.

Our Sources

We use reputable sources for our news and financial data aggregation. We always list the primary source for our Wires, both in the headline and as a hyperlink button. Our sources include:

The publicly listed Media companies we actively track are:

Fox Corp
Integral Ad Science
Interpublic Group
News Corp
Omnicom Media Group
The Trade Desk
Warner Bros Disc.


This free-to-use resource relies on a number of external sources, automations, human curation, human editing, and some generative AI tools. News sources are always included, we merely aggregate and provide executive summaries. Publications and companies publishing their own press releases and earnings are responsible for the accuracy and validity of their work.

We can (and likely will) make mistakes. Please ensure Transmit is not used as a business-critical resource, rather use it as a structured gateway to news and financial highlights.

We do not provide investment advice - Do Your Own Research

We are not a real-time stock trading/tracking platform

We rely on open-source financial APIs and have a 15-minute lag on data during trading hours. Sometimes our API calls may fail - we do not guarantee uptime. Please use an appropriate provider for this.